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New Alchemist brewing quest and Event NPC added

January 23, 2023

  • Alchemists can now brew multiple potions at once
  • Event NPC Apex Holding Corporation Staff added to deliver items such as event rewards or name change tickets from GM to players.

WoE Season 1 this March

January 18, 2023

  • Check discord for more information!

Patch 1.5.3d: Louyang is released!

January 2023

  • You can catch the boat from Payon or Alberta to Louyang for the low entry price of 1,000 zeny until the next international dungeon is released in a month from now.
  • Thereafter, the price will remain low at 2,000 zeny.
  • Some mobs introduced with Louyang have the experience changed

Patch 1.5.2c

January 2023

  • Aldebaran is officially assigned as a sister city of Payon, this means free teleport between the 2 and more NPC vendors in Aldebaran.

Patch 1.5.0: Payon Undertombs is finally here!

January 2023

  • The awaited new dungeon is out!
  • Enjoy the new MvP alongside the new quest that comes alongside it.
  • New pets, new mobs, new items, new cards!
  • 18-Player Rosters
  • Changes to the Point System and Treasure Rewards
  • Read more here


Starting Fresh!

2023 onwards!

  • Welcome to Payon Stories beta!

Poring Dig Site Event!

23 January 2023

  • Dungeon release date set for 28/01/2023!
  • The Poring Dig Site is a new dungeon added as part of the Six Month Anniversary of Payon Stories. The dungeon is a unique addition to Payon Stories that gives players an opportunity to encounter some very strange and unique poring monsters! In fact, at the deepest level, there is even rumored to be a giant Poring MVP!