Frequently Asked Questions

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General and Server FAQs


The official Payon Stories Website and Control Panel is at

Discord link

Payon Stories Discord is at the following link:

Payon Stories Staff

Payon Stories GMs and staff are listed in Payon Stories Staff. This list is also present at the discord in #staff-members.

Server Changes

See skill changes at Class Rebalance in our wiki or on the website in the website.

Server Rules

All rules regarding the Payon Stories server are located at

How-To FAQs and other In-Game Questions

How to Create an Account

1. Go to to go to the login screen.

2. Register for a Master Account.

3. Login to your newly-created account and create a Game Account that will be used as your login details in-game!

  • See rules regarding Account Creation regulations.

How to Report an Issue

The best way to Report an Issue is through the Payon Stories Discord. Check the above invite link if you are still not in the server's discord. Issues go through a ticket system as an organized way to report seen bugs, support, or even another player that is doing untolerated behavior on the server.

Reporting something to the GMs and Staff requires you to:

1. Be in the Payon Stories Discord

2. Go to the #open-ticket channel and follow the instructions indicated.

Opening a Ticket.png

Job Skills and Guides

See Quest Guides for a list of job related quests such as Job Change Quests and Job Skill Quests.

How do I Reset my Stats?

See Stat Reset for more information.

Optional GRFs

Optional GRFs are located in

These GRFs are the ONLY GRFs that can be used and approved by the staff to be used in-game. These aformentioned GRFs are:

  • loweffect.grf
  • silentpets.grf
  • shortsongs.grf
  • silentsongs.grf

There is also a readme.txt that is included in the zip file for more additional instructions.