New Player Guide

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Hello and welcome to Payon Stories! This guide is meant to answer some frequently asked questions about our server, as well as give some direction for progression in the early game.

Please check this page to see if your questions are already addressed- otherwise, our community is happy to help you over in the Discord.

Before Getting Started

Important Payon Stories Rules

  • There is a strict NO MULTICLIENTING rule. This applies even if you use multiple PCs.
    • Exception: You are allowed to Autovend on separate accounts while playing.
  • You are allowed to have a maximum of THREE accounts on one MASTER account..
  • Account Sharing is NOT ALLOWED
  • Custom GRFs are NOT ALLOWED.
    • Exception: Any GRFs provided on the official Payon Stories Download Page are okay to use.
  • For the full list of rules, see the Rules page or go to the #rules channel on our Discord. It is highly recommended to give them a quick read.

Payon Stories Discord

The Payon Stories Discord is the main platform that the community uses to interact. At the time of writing, the forums aren’t terribly active, so joining the Discord will give you the best social experience on the server.

Go to the #get-chats-access channel to give yourself the permissions required to view whatever content you’re interested in seeing. Simply add a reaction (click on one of the emojis directly the message) to grant yourself a role.

It is highly recommend to give yourself the following permissions at minimum:

  • 🔰 A useful collection of information, such as useful-links, general-info, QnA, support-discussion, guides, and more.
  • 💰 Buy
  • 💵 Sell
  • 📜 Trade
  • 🔎 Price Check

If you have any questions, please try to post them in the appropriate channel.

  • For anything not relating to classes or specific builds, use #server-q-and-a.
  • Otherwise, use the appropriate class channel (#swordsman, #magician, etc).

Important References

Payon Stories has implemented custom spawns, maps, mobs, and experience tables. The RMS database is not always accurate. As such, we recommend using the following references:

  • Payon Stories Item Database
  • Payon Stories Monster Database
  • Payon Stories Monster Rebalancing
  • Unofficial Payon Stories Stat/Damage Calculator

It is also possible to check items, mobs, drops, etc. in-game; please refer to the Custom Commands section of this guide.

Interface Guide

Payon Stories Menu

Payon Stories has implemented several custom menus that are accessible through the interface at the top left of the screen:

Notably, the following two menus have been added:

  • Mail: Allows you to send items/zeny to other players for a 250z fee. Only accessible in towns.
  • Bank: Allows you to transfer zeny between characters on the same account at no charge. Only accessible in towns.
    • Note: Also accessible via CTRL+B

Custom Commands

Payon Stories has implemented several Custom Commands for your convenience.

Before using any of the commands, it is very helpful to know how to obtain the ID of an item or mob. You can do this using one of the following commands:

  • @iteminfo <itemname>: Displays item information as well as the Item ID
    • Example: @iteminfo guard
  • @mobinfo <mobname>: Displays mob information and drop table as well as the Mob ID
    • Example: @mobinfo pupa

Simply type the message in chat and press Enter/Return execute the command (as if you were chatting). Something like this should be displayed in the chat window as a result (in this example, the value outlined in red is the ID of a Pupa):

Once you have the item or mob ID, you can use them in the following commands (note that these commands also accept names as input, but using an ID is more reliable):

  • @whodrops <itemname or itemid>: Displays the top 5 mobs (ordered by drop rate) who drop an item. Note that this list is not exhaustive.
  • @whereis <mobname or mobid>: Displays the top 10 maps where a mob is found, ordered by number of spawns. Note that this list is not exhaustive.
    • Note: You can view maps by ID on the World Map (use CTRL+` (backtick) ingame, or click the button in the Payon Stories Menu)
  • @whosell <itemname or itemid>: Displays a list of Player Shops that sell an item
  • @whobuy <itemname or itemid>: Displays a list of Player Shops that are buying an item

Public Channels

Payon Stories has the following chat channels to facilitate communication with others on the server:

  • #main: General chat
  • #lfp: Looking for Party. Use this to recruit for your party, or to ask to join existing ones.
  • #trade: Used to buy/sell/trade items, as well as price check

To send a message on one of the channels, type the channel name (with the hashtag) in the left input of the chat as if you were sending a PM, like so:

Note: It is perfectly fine to use public chat channels to ask for advice, but asking for free items will generally not be received well by the community.

Linking Items in Chat

To link an item in the chat, simply Shift + Click the Item in your inventory while your cursor is focused in the chat.

Gameplay Guide

Training Camp

It is highly recommended to complete the entire Training Camp - INCLUDING THE PERSONALITY TEST. You will receive a bunch of free items to make your early game much easier, including:

  • Novice Main Gauche
  • A full set of Novice Armor
  • 350-400 Novice Red Potions
    • Dying once in the Training Camp (or using a Novice Butterfly Wing on one of the Combat maps) will net you bonus EXP and 50 extra free Novice Red Potions!
  • 10 Vouchers for free Kafra Warps
  • 10 Vouchers for free Kafra Storage access
  • ...and a few other goodies!

CAUTION: On the first map of the Training Camp, there is an NPC named Dr. Gerber that will prompt you to turn your character into a Baby (visually smaller, Size changes from Medium to Small, -25% HP/SP, lower forge/brew success rate). Do not talk to the NPC if you do not want your character to become a Baby:

After the Combat Test portion of the Training Camp, there is a Kafra NPC named Betty Resetti that will reset your stats for free so long as you are Base Lv. 15 or under. As a result it is recommended to use a melee build (11 DEX, all the rest into VIT) until Job Lv. 10 is reached, then reset for free at the end of the Training Camp into whatever is more suitable for your first job.

Stat Reset

On Payon Stories, it is possible to reset your stats with the following restrictions:

  • Stat Resets are free up to and including Base Level 15.
  • Stat Resets cost 20,000z and a Skull from Base Level 16 up to and including Base Level 45
  • Stat Resets are not possible between Base Level 46 and Base Level 89.
  • Small Stat adjustments are available in a very limited capacity from Base Level 90 and onward (see the Stat Reset page for more info)

There are two functionally identical NPCs that will allow you to reset your stats (see the full Stat Reset page for more info):

  • Betty Resetti in the final room of the Training Camp
  • Phoenix in a house in Morroc

Note that is it not possible to reset your skills. Choose them carefully!


The main town on Payon Stories is Payon.

Be sure to visit the Promotions NPC (83, 159) to get Manuals and other free goodies! (This can only be done once per account)

The Stylist NPCs (near 122, 156) can also be found in the Castle area of Payon. You will need to pay them a Stylist Coupon in order to use their services, which are obtained via the Stylist Exchanger (108, 162) in exchange for any Dyestuffs.

Clan System

Payon Stories has implemented the Clan System with 2 new custom clans. Upon talking to the Clan leader, you will receive bonus stats as well as additional HP/SP at no charge! It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the Clan leader of your choice shortly after completing your first job quest. To know more about the clans, the bonus they give and where their leaders are, refer to the Clan System page.

Note that you can join any Clan, regardless of what your job is.

If you are in a Clan and NOT in a Guild, your Clan as well as its emblem will appear on your character alongside their name:

If you are in a Clan AND in a Guild, only your Guild Emblem and Rank will appear. It is worth noting that you will still receive the Clan bonus even if you are in a Guild- they are not mutually exclusive.

Exp Share Range for Parties

The party level range on Payon Stories is 15 base levels; e.g. a Base Lv. 31 character can share exp with a second character anywhere between Base Lv. 16 and Base Lv. 46. For parties, every member must be within 15 base levels of each other (the difference between the highest and lowest base levels can be 15 at most).

Cosmetic Cash Shop

There is a cosmetic-only cash shop. The items are account bound. To access the shop in game, type @costumestore. To get points, you must donate to this site and open a ticket on the discord to claim them. For more information, see the patch log.

General Leveling Guide

The following is a list of commonly recommended grinding spots that is largely applicable to all classes. It is recommended to party up with other players for an easier time as well as more experience- just shout it out on the #lfp channel!

If you are playing a Melee class, please note that some of these spots will be very difficult if you do not focus on your defensive stat first. As such, it is recommended to focus on VIT or AGI until you can level comfortably without using too many potions before investing in offense.

New players may find it tough early on gearing and purchasing healing items. The following is a supplementary guide for Zeny Making.

Universal tips for the early leveling of some characters

Some builds have a very hard time leveling throughout their journey : Full Support priest, Forger Smith, Asura monk, Woe characters... It is strongly advised to use the Stat Reset feature of Payon Stories at level 45 to make their leveling experience easier. Get the free reset at Training Grounds, then put all your stats in STR, AGI and DEX, equip and refine the weapon you’ve got from the personality test, then level like regular melee classes (see below). When you reach base level 45, reset your stats to fit the build that you're aiming for. Keep in mind that skills cannot be reset at all on Payon Sories.

Training Camp (Base Lv. 1-12)

  • The Training Camp is an excellent place to level in order to reach Job Lv. 10 as a Novice
  • You can speak to the NPC in the Hunting Grounds to move to a more challenging floor once EXP starts getting a bit slower, however this is not at all required and will likely cause you to burn through your stock of potions more quickly
  • Note that there is a free stat reset in the next room, so it is recommended to use a melee build while training, then reset before leaving the training camp
    • It is recommended to get ~11 DEX (not missing your target is a bigger DPS increase than investing in STR), then putting the rest of your points into VIT to save on potions
  • Notable Drops:
    • Feather (Fabre, Lunatic)
    • Trunk (Willow)
    • Strawberry (Spore)
    • Orange (Condor)

Prontera Culvert 1 & 2 (Base Lv. 12-25)

  • Good leveling spot to start your journey. Thief Bugs are abundant and not particularly dangerous, while Thiefbug Eggs provide an opportunity to regenerate HP/SP. Just be careful for the aggressive Familiars!
  • This is especially a good spot for VIT builds, as Thief Bugs will do negligible damage once you reach ~30 VIT.
  • Notable Drops:
    • Grape (Familiar)
    • Ribbon[1] (Familiar)
    • Guard[1] (Thiefbug Egg)
    • Iron Ore (Thiefbug Egg)
    • Red Gemstone (Thiefbug Egg)
    • Strawberry (Spore)

Spores (Base Lv. 15-25)

  • Spores are a classic for low level players and is a great spot to party up. It also provides some early game funding via Strawberries, which can be sold to other players. Keep your HP topped up as they have a hard-hitting water attack!
  • Note that Spores might be difficult if leveling solo at the lower end of the recommended range.
  • Map: 1 South of Payon
  • Notable Drops:
    • Strawberry

Payon Dungeon 1 (Base Lv. 15-30)

  • A slightly more challenging map than Culverts or Spores, but with better exp as compensation.
  • Acolytes can heal bomb Zombies and Skeletons if they have an INT build
  • Notable Drops:
    • Grape (Familiar)
    • Ribbon[1] (Familiar)

Poring Dig Site 1 & 2 (Base Lv. 15-80)

  • Payon Stories custom map with a very high mob density. Excellent for parties, particularly with a Swordsman/Merchant with Magnum Break/Cart Revolution, respectively.
  • Some classes can stay at Poring Dig Site 2 killing Geographers and/or mobbing Abomrings/Protorings up to Lv. 80 and beyond
  • Map: Talk to the NPC by the boat in Aldebaran directly east from the middle (3 o'clock)
  • Notable Drops (Level 1):
    • Kitty Band (Smokie)
    • Strawberry (Smokie & Wolf)
    • Mantle[1] (Wolf)
    • Main Gauche[4] (Jelring)
    • Grape (Poporing)
  • Notable Drops (Level 2):
    • Main Gauche[4] (Jelring)
    • Guard[1] (Abomring)
    • Yellow Herb (Abomring)
    • Empty Bottle (Abomring)
    • Maneater Blossom (Geographer)

Smokies and Cocos (Base Lv. 25-40)

  • Great option for both AGI and VIT builds, with excellent rare drop opportunities.
  • Smokies sometimes use their Hide skill when being attacked, so try to party up with an Acolyte/Magician with Ruwach/Sight, respectively
  • Note that both Smokies and Cocos have cast sensors, so Magicians should wait for a party member to get aggro before casting
  • Map: 2 East of Payon
  • Notable Drops:
    • Kitty Band (Smokie)
    • Raccoon Leaf (Smokie) - used for crafting headgears
    • Hood[1] (Coco)
    • Sandals[1] (Coco)
    • Strawberry (Coco)

Wolves (Base Lv. 25-40)

  • One of the best early game maps exp-wise, particularly for Magicians if they are able to one-shot with Fire Bolt.
  • Wolves are not aggressive, however they will assist other Wolves being attacked; try to avoid large packs
  • Watch out for the Vagabond Wolf (miniboss)- Fly Wing away if you see a dense pack of wolves charging you!
  • Map: 2 South of Payon
  • Notable Drops:
    • Strawberry
    • Mantle[1]

Caramels and Floras (Base Lv. 30-50)

  • Good option for all builds; ranged attackers can focus on Floras (who do not attack at all unless you stand too close) with fire spells/arrows, while melee attackers can focus on Caramels
  • Both of their cards are highly sought after, so if you get a lucky card drop you're set for a while!
  • Map: 2 North, 1 East of Geffen (can warp directly there from Geffen Kafra by selecting 'Mjolnir Dead Mine')
  • Notable Drops:
    • Coat[1] (Caramel)
    • Pike[4] (Caramel)
    • Aloe (Flora)
    • Singing Flower (Flora)
    • Witherless Rose (Flora)
    • Maneater Blossom (Flora)

Magnolias and Ants (Base Lv. 30-50+)

  • Really low hp considering exp gains (1.1+k hp, almost 600 base and almost 500 job exp). Dies fast, and with a ton of them in the map - recommended spot to those that care about clearing mobs fast (and thus minimizing potion expenses).
  • Magnolia card is sought after, and Andre cards are a guilt-free way to boost your attack if you have a slotted weapon.
  • Map: 1 South, 2 East of Morroc (the map is also the entrance to Ant Hell, as well as the Phreeoni map).
  • Notable Drops:
    • Rough Elunium
    • Iron Ore
    • Star Dust
    • Elemental stones (Green Live, Red Blood)

Mi Gaos (Base Lv. 30-50+)

  • A party map, considered part of the "static" route, but is more of a moving party, going around the map and defeating Mi Gaos
  • Mi Gaos are slow, and can be provoked safely by Swordsmen, or via Increase Agi by Acolytes, while mages and archers whittle them down. Other classes are usually expected to take care of the smaller mobs, notably the Mantises.
  • Map: Take the boat to Louyang in Alberta (1k fare), or in Payon (south west of the town map, in the pier, for 2500 zeny).
  • Notable Drops:
    • Caramel, Mantis Cards
    • Coat [1]
    • Pike [4]
    • Rough Elunium
    • Great Nature
    • Green Live
    • Gold

Iron Fists (Base Lv. 40-65)

  • Iron Fists are a mob that only existed in the Endless Tower, but they are given their own map on Payon Stories.
  • The strategy involves a large party consisting of at minimum 2-3 Magicians with Firewall, 1 Buffer Acolyte, and mobbers.
    • The Magicians position themselves on a cliff and Firewall the ground down below, while mobbers drag a horde of Iron Fists and Sidewinders through them.
    • There is some trickery involved in order to force Iron Fists to move exactly like you want them to. For a specific guide on how this works, check out the Static Party Guide.
  • Watch out for Maya Purple (Miniboss)- it is ideal to lure her into a corner, or politely ask someone on #main to come take care of her
  • Map: 1 South, 3 East of Morroc (a party member will likely have a warp)
  • Notable Drops:
    • Iron Ore
    • Iron
    • Steel
    • Rough Elunium