Static Party Guide

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How does exp party sharing work?

Parties are able to set exp to "Exp Shared" when members are within +/- 15 level. Party exp calculated by the following:

Even Share: The EXP reward of a monster is split evenly across all party members regardless of their level.

  • (EXP to be Shared / Number of Party Members) + 1 EXP
  • EXP to be Shared increases for each additional player who has dealt damage to this monster OR has received damage from this monster's non-skill attacks (regardless of that player is a party member or not)
    • This is referred to by players as "tapping"
    • See EXP Rebalance for exact values

Why join static parties?

Static parties are a way to easily and quickly level up by having characters focused on designated roles and have an optimal mob killing set-up. The party is typically parked in one spot (a "static party"), with mobbers luring hordes of mobs into area of effect attacks like firewalls/thunderstorm/storm gust.

What are the roles in static parties?

The following are the common terms used in the server for static parties:

Core Roles
Role Name Role Description
Mobber Character brings hordes of mobs into the stack
Tapper Hits mobs with AoE's, because every time a mob is "tapped" by someone (up to 6) it gives additional exp. Examples include Arrow Shower from Archers, Grimtooth for Assassins, Signum Crucis for Acolytes
FS “Full Support”. Designates by extension Acolytes and Priests with a Full Support build, looked after for skills such as Heal, Blessing, Increase Agility, Warp Portal, Kyrie Eleison, Magnificat, Resurrection
Taxi Acolyte classes that will warp party members from town to designated map whenever there's a death or needed
Kim Abbreviation for the skill “Mr. Kim A Rich Man”, an ensemble skill for bard + dancer that boost the exp of monsters killed within its aoe.
FW (Firewall) “Fire Wall”. Designates by extension Mage class characters with the skill Fire Wall level 10, mandatory for mid-level static parties thanks to its recoil effect
TS (Thunderstorm) “Thunder Storm”. Designates by extension Mage class characters and Super Novices with the skill Thunder Storm, very sought after for parties of all levels thanks to its damage output and area of effect (aoe) range
Wizard/Super Novice Storm Gust / Thunderstorm / Any AoE

Acronyms and Jargon

  • LFP : “Looking for Party”. It’s used by the server-wide #lfp channel, crucial to find parties, in two ways :
    • LFP > [class] [role] [level] for characters looking for a party
    • LFM > [class] [role] [level range]” for parties looking for members. Sometimes also written with R > for "Recruit"
  • Rep : “Replacement”. In the duration of a party, some people have to leave, so party leaders are recruiting a “rep”, meaning a replacement for that person’s role.
  • OOP : “Out Of Party”. Designated characters that aren’t in the parties but contribute to its efficiency. OOP characters are generally either musicians, for either the support songs (poem of bragi, service for you) or the unique Mr. Kim song, or mobbers for a faster output.

Example od #lfp ingame chat:

LFP chat.png

Party Buffs
Buffs Buff Description
Poem of Bragi Cast on wizards so that AoE's have 100% uptime
Service for You Cast to keep everyone's SP topped up
Mr. Kim Cast for additional EXP again on top of Tap Bonus

How do static parties work at each location?

The following offers a quick guide to how static parties work at every popular location.


Iron Fist

The following is the main spot for Iron Fists:

Main Spot in Red

The following is the set-up for Iron Fists:

Set-up for Iron Fist

1) Firewall mages and acolytes stay up on the hill

2) Tappers (Archers/etc positioned behind firewall)

3) Mobbers follow the yellow line. Hugging the wall from the bottom tends to position mobs better


The following is the main spot for seals:

Main Spot in Red

The following is an example party set-up on Main Spot:

Set-up for Seals

1) Firewall is dropped on red square with mages/casters positioned up on the hill. Remember to have all firewalls stack on the same cell to have hits counted for tap bonus. **Firewall is placed 1 cell away from the wall.

2) Mobbers hug the wall (blue box) and go along a straight line (yellow line). Watch out for Mobsters (try not to lure)

3) Tappers (arrow shower/blitz/magnum break) position themselves behind the firewall vertically.

Anolians (cmd_fild03)

There are two spots in anolians for static parties to set-up. The main spot location:

Main Spot Location in Red

The following is example party set-up on Main Spot:

Set-up for Anolian Main Spot

1) Firewall is dropped between the blue boxes (lily pads). It forces mobs to squeeze through the gap.

2) Dancer/Bard is positioned at purple box

3) Wiz/FW cast is positioned behind Dancer/Bard. When anolian escape on the side, cast icewall on brown tile.

4) Mobbers go through yellow line. Watch out for Mutant Dragon.

Stalactic Golem

Medusa (beach_dun)

This map is directly adjacent to Comodo toward the west, so no taxis are needed. "Dusas" use Stone Curse and Petrify Attack on players, petrifying them into sitting ducks to be picked apart by Medusa's powerful autoattacks, so all mobbers will have to resist or avoid petrification.

Typical parties rely on a quirk of Wizard's Storm Gust, in which monsters caught between the outer edge of the spell and a wall on the north are pushed only toward the east. Get them in a corner and they are very efficiently trapped and dispatched en masse. With a looser terrain requirement than FW-dependent parties, there are multiple places around the map where this can be done, where separate parties can keep their caster/tapper cluster.