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Classes, or Jobs, define your character in Payon Stories. You start out as a Novice and upon reaching job level 10 you can progress into one of six base classes. After your initial promotion to the first class of your choice you will have the option to reach even greater heights of strength and power by reaching Job level 40 and completing a job change quest that will change you into a 2nd job. Each base job has two options for 2nd jobs they can choose from.

Novice Novice.png Super Novice Super Novice.png
Acolyte Acolyte.png Priest Priest.png Monk Monk.png
Archer Archer.png Hunter Hunter.png Bard / Dancer BardDancer.png
Mage Mage.png Wizard Wizard.png Sage Sage.png
Merchant Merchant.png Blacksmith Blacksmith.png Alchemist Alchemist.png
Swordman Swordman.png Knight Knight.png Crusader Crusader.png
Thief Thief.png Assassin Assassin.png Rogue Rogue.png


  • At this time there are no additional expanded classes available on Payon Stories.
  • At this time there are no transcendent classes available on Payon Stories.
Classes of Payon Stories
Novice Class NoviceSuper Novice
First Class AcolyteArcherMagicianMerchantSwordmanThief
Second Class PriestMonkHunterBardDancerWizardSageBlacksmithAlchemistKnightCrusaderAssassinRogue