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The following guide aims to provide new players ideas for setting up their account for zeny making.

Creating a Overcharge & Discount Merchant

This should come at a point where your first character has the zeny pool to fund potions for this merchant. While leveling a merchant isn't the most enjoyable experience, it is extremely valuable as overcharge and discount will help you snowball your account's economy.

Skill Name Description Recommended Level Type
Discount Buy items from NPC's with an up to 24% discount. 10 (Max) Passive
Overcharge Get up to 24% more Zeny from selling items to NPC's. 10 (Max) Passive

Reason why this overcharge (OC) and discount (DC) merchant should come when your first character's economy is somewhat stable is because you'll be able to spec your merchant to a STR-heavy build and spam pots for fast leveling (killing spores). Going straight for OC 10 and DC 10 is enough with the following skill build (completing the character at Job Level 24):

ZenyMaking OCDCMerchant.png

Creating a Vend Merchant for AFK vending

Similar to creating an OC/DC merchant, creating an AFK vend merchant would be easier once you have your initial capital set-up on your main character (enough to fund potions). Having a vend merchant will help you contribute toward the overall server economy (trash items are valuable in RO! They may be used by other players in quests/creating consumables/etc.)

  1. It is recommended to create this merchant on an alternative account. (That way, you can play on your main account while your Vend Merchant is auto-vending) In Control Panel, create a sub-account under your master account.
  2. Start your merchant on this sub-account
  3. Use RODEX for transferring potions and equips to your Vend Merchant. You can transfer items to sell and your zeny across accounts this way as well:
  4. Use @autotrade to AFK vend
Example of RODEX sub-account transfers

The following is a sample skill build for Vend Merchant. Points in Vend changes the number of available items to be traded when vending. Points invested in Pushcart increases movement speed (minimum investment here might be fine if you're transferring everything through RODEX).

Vend Merchant at Job 19

Purchasing Efficient Heals & Early Trade-In Healing Items

Early game, instead of purchasing red pots, new players should purchase meat instead for the best HP/zeny ratio heals. As players progress through the game, they'll need to assess HP/zeny vs HP/weight for efficiency.


Yakitori Vendor in Payon sells Meat, Spring Roll, Yakitori Kebab, Maju Bun (44, 119)

Red Pot Trade-In's

A trade-in merchant can be found in Al-De Baran. The following items can be trade for red pots:

Al De Baran (153, 62) - Trade items for red potions
Item Exchanged Item Returned
1 Worm Peeling 1 Red Potion
7 Feather of Birds 1 Red Potion
10 Jellopies 1 Red Potion

Early Game Farming

Byalan Island Dungeon 2