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On Payon Stories, it is possible to fully reset your stats with the following restrictions:

  • Stat Resets are free up to and including Base Level 15.
  • Stat Resets cost 20,000z and a 7005.png Skull (dropped by Alarm, Wanderer, etc) from Base Level 16 up to and including Base Level 45.
  • Stat Resets are not possible between Base Level 46 and Base Level 89.
  • Small Stat adjustments are available in a very limited capacity from Base Level 90 and onward.

Full Stat Reset (Base Level 1-45)

There are two functionally identical NPCs that will allow you to fully reset your stats up to and including Base Level 45:

  • Betty Resetti, in the final room of the Training Camp.
  • Phoenix, in a house in Morroc at 3 o'clock.

Note: These NPCs will no longer help you once you reach Base Level 46 or higher.

Partial Stat Reset (All Levels)

You may visit the Stat Reset Granny in a house to the left of Payon Castle. She will allow you to partially reset as follows:

  • Allows you to buy 21 Resettable Status Points for 2m zeny on a 30-day cooldown
  • Using Resettable Status Points is free after they have been purchased
  • Resettable Status Points do not need to all be used at once; they can be saved
  • Resettable Status Points can be banked & accumulated over time
  • Multiple Stats can be reset as long as the user has Resettable Status Points to spend
    • if you buy 21 Resettable Status Points and reset 99AGI->98 AGI, you will still have 10 Resettable Status Points available for use in the future

Note: It is not possible to reset your skills. Choose them carefully!