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Dastgir — 22/01/2023 at 12:47

Event npc.png

Apex Holding Corporation Staff started to appear in towns. New NPCs are added in server, Apex Holding Corp Staff will be the NPC for delivering items(Event Rewards/Name change tickets) from GM to Players. As we move further, Rewards for all manually held events will be delivered through this NPC instead of RoDEX.

Dastgir — 22/01/2023 at 11:01

Quest alchem.jpg

Server is back up. Patch 22nd Jan 2023:

<* Fixed a bug where-in few slave respawns(first wave) weren't giving EXP and items.
* Added @brew command. You can use @brew command to instantly create 100x of (Red Potion/Yellow Potion/White Potion/Blue Potion/Red Condensed Potion/Yellow Condensed Potion/White Condensed Potion). You need to do quest as pre-requisite, quest can be initiated by talking to 'Master Alchemist' at aldebaran,165,62
* Added Rogue Leader at oldnewpayon 55,181 to reset skills of rogue affected by 'Plagiarism' skill bug. NPC will be active for 7 days.
* Fixed a bug where monsters were giving 1.3x EXP instead of 1.2x (

Dastgir — 22/01/2023 at 07:22

Client Patch 22nd Jan 2023:

<* Optional GRF link added in website.
Installation Step:
1. Download zip file
2. Extract the required GRF in 'Payon Stories' folder
3. It's done.

Dastgir — 21/01/2023 18:03

Client Patch 21st Jan 2023:

* Changed Proxy status to 'Coming Soon'

Dastgir — 20/01/2023 05:00

Changelog 20th Jan 2023:

<* Fixed a bug wherein Rogue using Plagiarism were not able to level up their skill-tree and resulted in losing skill points.
  * NPC for resetting affected rogue skills will be available in 1-2 days.
* 2nd set Slave monsters doesn't give EXP and drops.
* Rogue can now copy Trap-based skills and Arrow shower

Dastgir — 16/01/2023 15:56

Changelog 16th Jan 2023:

* Slave Monster changes from yesterday's patch are reverted.

Dastgir — 15/01/2023 13:29

Missed patch log:

* Old and New Manuals and Bubblegum will be rental instead of permanent.

Dastgir — 15/01/2023 13:11

Patch log 15th January 2023:

<* Removed Herb Cluster from all monsters
* RoDEX will now restrict non-english characters in title and body.
* Chat range changed to 9 cells from 22 cells
* Max walk range changed to 17 cells from 25 cells (This affects chase capacity of monsters as well)
* Body Relocation/Snap range changed to 18 cells from 24 cells
* Guild Account Phase 1: Allows creation of Guild Account by guild leader. [NPC available at oldnewpayon 92,158]
* Fixed RoDEX being able to view/send mail from non-towns
* AFK players won't be able to gain Experience.
* Fixed Guild Warper zeny fee.
* Those who have claimed Battle Manuals before 3rd January 16:30 can claim them again from Promotions NPC
* Internal Code changes for stability.

Note: 1 User can only access 1 GUILD ACCOUNT.

Dastgir — 16/01/2023 06:08

We have several announcements: 1. We have wiki up and running : Wiki is configured to allow anyone to contribute, it's still in initial stages, we will keep adding pages and information about server. 2. Some of the Free VPNs will not work with the server, as we have banned IPs of few vpn provider as they were used for botting by some people. 3. With the yesterday patch, there was one undocumented feature that went live: All Slaves won't be granting EXPs (even if it's first spawn). With this change, there are few maps that were negatively affected, we will continue to enhance those maps(and mob spawns) in upcoming days.

Dastgir — 08/01/2023 11:37

Price check tool is back online: Map tool: (Search monster spawn time by map name)

Dastgir — 03/01/2023 05:24

Server is now UP!