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Payon Stories is a Hercules emulated Ragnarok Online server that is meant to create a nostalgic, yet fresh experience for all players. We have created a low-rate server that expands on the hard work of the developers of the Athena and Hercules emulators by enhancing gameplay while staying true to the original design of Ragnarok Online.

Rates: 1.5x/1.5x/1x (lowest drop rate: 0.02%)

Max level: 99/50 99/99SN

Atk Speed cap: 190, Instant cast: 150 dex

Donations / Cash shop / Dual logging: NO

Custom NPCs: Dyer / Stylist / Events

Player commands and server features:

Server Summary

Payon Stories uses a classic RO (pre-transcended classes) foundation for players to start their journey. Our research indicates that most of the major balancing changes occurred between RO’s beta and the Episode 3 release. That said, some balancing changes made in later episodes have been retroactively applied to our initial release for the purpose of providing players with consistency and familiarity in the function of specific items, skills, and cards as seen on other servers.

Nevertheless, we have considered key gameplay features when developing Payon Stories that we determined were necessary to balance and/or enhance gameplay and player experience. Such changes and considerations include:

  • A rework of the entire mob database’s base and job experience tables to add competitiveness of the benefit of killing mobs.
  • A rework of the HP and attack of mobs to add competitiveness of the benefit of killing mobs.
  • Changes to the spawn rates and locations of certain mobs.
  • Modifications to some skills to make specific builds more competitive and viable, adding more variety to the game.
  • Drop rates of specific items that are unnecessarily difficult to obtain that are used for quests to encourage NPC interaction and pave the way for an expanded quest system.
  • Additions of informational and flavor NPCs to make the game world feel “full” of actual meaningful NPCs that have value-added interactions with players.
  • Substantial rework of official NPC text for clarity and grammar (it goes without saying the people who originally translated everything did a great job, but we just want to take their work one step further).

Our staff will continue to make changes to improve the game. We plan to continually polish the text you read in-game and balance the core mechanics of gameplay to adhere to our mission.