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Muspelheim is a progressive dungeon into the hellish reaches of Surtr's domain. Deep in the lands of Muspelheim are blazing caverns that meet the frozen wastes of Niflheim. However, despite once being the home of giants, Muspelheim has become overrun by dangerous horrors. The deeper you travel into its domain, the greater the challenge, greater the reward, and greater the terror you will encounter. The first couple layers are not too different from Rune Midgard, but still contain very dangerous creatures that will require you and your friends to work together to vanquish.

Note: Skipping the Questline

It is only required to go through the questline once per account. You must complete each part of the questline on at least one character. However, once that is done, you are able to copy your progress onto another character within the same account.

Simply bring your MET Permit to the MET Card Reader (located just outside the dungeon) and the storyline will move forward to your account's current progress point. Once you progress the story via this NPC, YOU CANNOT revert that change for that character.

You will also be issued a duplicate MET Permit to carry on that character's person so you don't have to keep moving cards around from character to character.

Note that the side quests will not be affected and can be done on every character.

Main Questline

1F Entrance Quest

Note: You must have a base level of 75 to begin this quest, otherwise, Captain Hjolnor will turn you away.

1. To gain access, you will first meet with Captain Hjolnor at gef_fild09(296, 57). He will ask if you seriously want to venture inside.

2. After speaking with him he will insist that you first receive permission from Magister Renton. She can be found next to the Wizard Job Quest NPC in Geffen Tower. She was the person who tasked you with killing the Headless Horse back during Halloween. If you helped her before, she will have no problem giving you permission, but if you did not complete the Halloween quest, she will ask you a string of questions to confirm your adventuring prowess. This is a simple test and you only need to choose the correct answers.

Questions Answers
1. What element are Hunter Flies weakest to? Earth
2. What is one monster unique to Glastheim? Khalitzburg
3. Name an MVP you can find under Geffen Tower. Dracula
4. Which quality is most important for leadership? Any answer will work
5. Which element is a Crusader strong against, especially with the right skills or equipment? Any answer will work

After passing her test(or if she already knows you from the Halloween Event) she will give you an MET Permit and send you back to speak with Hjolnor.

3. Speak with Hjolnor again. After seeing your permit, he will ask you to find the scouting party that has gone missing inside the Cave. He tells you that you will need to speak with Mage Illyn and ask that he temporarily lower the border.

4. Speak with Mage Illyn left of the cave entrance and he will temporarily remove the barrier and allow you inside. You must speak with him again each time you wish to enter the dungeon.

1F Quest

Beware that all mobs inside the cave are aggressive and the boss mob, the Assassin Fly, will teleport frequently and attempt to hunt down the player. Therefore it is advised that you party with others before entering.

1. Inside the cave you must search for the scouting party. In the top left of the map rockmi1 (213, 369) you will find the remains of one of the scouts and a journal in his hands.

2. Take the journal back to Hjolnor. He will be distraught at mention of the Assassin Fly and ask you to speak with Magister Renton again and deliver his report. Magister Renton will ask you to destroy the Assassin Fly.

3. Report back to Captain Hjolnor. At this point you will receive following rewards for completing the quest:

Base Exp: 5,500
Job Exp: 3,500
Items: 10x Light White Potion

4. Hjolnor will then send you inside to kill the Assassin Fly ("Hunting the Assassin" quest).

5. Speaking with Captain Hjolnor again after killing the Assassin Fly will grant you:

Base Exp: 75,000
Job Exp: 55,500
Items: 25x Light White Potion
2x Yggdrasil Seed

2F Entrance Quest

Note: You must complete the entire 1F quest before the 2F entrance quest can be initiated.

1. Talk to Captain Hjolnor. He tells you that the only way to go deeper into Muspelheim is through the elevator lift, whose chain is broken. In order to fix it, you will have to craft Rosin, a flux used for soldering metals. He will ask you to collect and bring 20 Resin and 2 Alcohol to Mr. Rockwell in the Blacksmith's store in Prontera in order to craft the flux.

2. Head to the Blacksmith's store in Prontera (175, 188) and go inside the room in the bottom portal. Hand Smith Rockwell the items and he will give you the Rosin in exchange.

3. Return to Captain Hjolnor, who gives the flux to one of his crew and asks him to fix the chain- which will take some time. Meanwhile, he has another task for you and asks that you speak to Mage Illyn (the same NPC that grants you access to the dungeon).

4. Speak to Mage Illyn. She reveals that they have been doing research on the gases inside of Muspelheim that blocked teleportation once upon a time, and explains that you will need something to amplify your magic in order to regain the ability to do so. She will require you to bring her 5 Star Dust, 30 Witch Starsand, and an Enchanting Rod (bought from Mr. King in Juno (205, 103) for 45,000z) in order for her to be able to amplify your magical powers.

5. Return to Mage Illyn with the items. She will cast the spell on you to protect you from the gases of Muspelheim- which has the side effect of draining all your remaining SP. Afterwards, she instructs you to return to Captain Hjolnor.

6. Speak to Captain Hjolnor, who tells you that the chain has been fixed, and that all that needs to be done is to install it onto the elevator. He asks you to return to him if you find anything of interest.

7. Head inside of Muspelheim 1F and click on the Elevator located near the middle of the map

8. You will end up on a new map (there are no monsters here), which is just a transition area between 1F and 2F. There are a few Easter Eggs here; collect them if you wish. Either way, once you're ready to move on, head to the Mysterious Gate located near the bottom left of the map (59, 30).

9. Click on the Mysterious Gate. By doing so, you will collect the crystal affixed to the gate, which will summon a fierce Demon; in two minutes, it will appear and presumably kill you. You are told that you have two minutes to run back to the Elevator to save yourself.

10. Run back to the Elevator. Once you are "safely" back on 1F, head back outside the dungeon.

11. Return to Captain Hjolnor and tell him about what happened. He inspects the crystal you found, but claims to not have the knowledge to investigate it properly. He asks you to bring it to Magister Renton, who can provide a proper analysis. He will also give you a reward for making it out alive.

Items: 10x White Slim Potion

12. Head to the top floor of Geffen Tower to and speak with Magister Renton. She will reveal that the mine shift truly is the Road to Muspelheim, and that the crystal is a sort of key that opens a gate between realms. Upon further examination, she reveals the crystal is inactive, which implies that the gate is open despite not appearing to be, and that soon monsters will pour in from Muspelheim. To prevent this from happening, she wants to bring the stone to the Sages in Juno to figure out a way to reactivate it. She asks then asks that you head back to Captain Hjolnor to update him.

13. Head back to Captain Hjolnor, who is coordinating a defensive effort against the monsters of Muspelheim. He wants to gather the troops near the lift, where they will be briefed, and asks you to speak to Mage Illyn when you are ready to depart.

14. Speak to Mage Illyn and hand her your MET Permit (Rank 1). She will exchange it for a MET Permit (Rank 2), which she tells you will let you teleport around the mines. Then, she will ask if you are prepared to set off for the lift to meet with Captain Hjolnor. Once you agree, you will be teleported inside the Mines Lift.

15. From now on, interacting with the Elevator on 1F will return you to the Mines Lift, from which you can enter Muspelheim 2F. You can also warp directly into the elevator by speaking with Mage Illyn from outside the dungeon.

2F Quest

1. From inside the Mines Lift, speak with Captain Hjolnor. He requests that you slay the Demon that was summoned from the Mysterious Gate.

2. Defeat Logi (MVP) on Muspelheim 2F.

3. Return to the Mines Lift and speak with Captain Hjolnor. He tells you he feels a relieved, but a defensive effort is still required. Either way, he gives you a Letter and asks you to deliver the news to King Tristram III.

4. Go to the Prontera Castle and speak to King Tristram III (when inside, head down the hallway into the first portal, then down the next hallway into the second portal. In this room, hang left and you should see him standing on his throne). The King thanks you profusely for your services!

If this is your first clear on your account, he will offer you ONE of the following rewards:

  • Hood[1]
  • Muffler[1]
  • Guard[1]
  • Buckler[1]
  • Sandals[1]
  • Shoes[1]

Otherwise, he will reward you with an Old Purple Box.

Side Quests


Various NPCs outside of Muspelsheim have side quests for you to complete.

NPC Prerequisites Requirements Rewards
Lieutenant Rydel
  • 1F Access
  • Kill 10 Elite Punk
  • Kill 15 Demon Pungus
  • Base Exp: 41500
  • Job Exp: 33000
  • 10 Light White Pots
Mage Lyda
  • 1F Access
  • Collect 15 Burnt Tree
  • Kill 15 Skeleton General
  • Base Exp: 32000
  • Job Exp: 28500
  • 15 Light White Pots
Alchemist Warren
  • Kill Assassin Fly quest cleared
  • Collect 1 Mental Potion
    • 35% chance of being dropped by Assassin Fly


Various NPCs inside the Mines Lift have side quests for you to complete.

NPC Prerequisites Requirements Rewards

Lieutenant Rydel

  • 2F Access
  • 70,000 Base EXP
  • 55,000 Job EXP

Lieutenant Rydel

  • 2F Access
  • Lieutenant Rydel's first request complete
  • 70,000 Base EXP
  • 55,000 Job EXP

Lieutenant Rydel

  • 2F Access
  • Lieutenant Rydel's second request complete
  • 95,000 Base EXP
  • 75,000 Job EXP
  • 50 White Slim Potion

Mage Lyda

  • 2F Access

There is also a Strange Altar at the top right corner of 2F, which is the starting point for the Costume Guardian Visage Quest.

Easter Eggs

There are a few easter eggs scattered around the dungeon that will grant the player various rewards.


Landmark Location Image Reward

Dead Orc

(11, 179)

  • 5 Light White Potions

Crack in the Ground

(378, 149)

  • 5 Light White Potions

Leftover Supplies

(222, 377)

  • 3 Light White Potions
  • 5 Iron
  • Knife[0]


(346, 39)

  • 5 Light White Potions
  • 3 Panacea

2F Entrance Quest

During the 2F Questline, between fixing the Elevator Chain and summoning Logi, you will end up on an instanced version of the 2F map without monsters. These Easter Eggs are found specifically on this map, not the actual 2F map.

Landmark Location Image Reward

Hero's Sword?

(104, 247)

  • Sword[3]

Suspicious Chest

(32, 94)

Box of Crystals

(71, 109)

Corrupted Plants

(192, 249)


These Easter Eggs are found on the "real" 2F (where mobs are present).

Landmark Location Image Reward

Suspicious Chest

(32, 94)

  • 3 Blue Potions

Abandoned Barrel

(162, 88)

  • Emerald

Pile of Coal

(84, 96)

  • 3 Coal

Stack of Boxes

(242, 31)

  • 5 Light White Potions

Old Boxes

(52, 131)

  • Steel



Note that Elite versions of regular mobs have the same drop table, but with better rates.

Name HP Base Exp Job Exp Size Element Race Quantity
Assassin Fly (Miniboss) 200,000 85,000 65,000 Small Wind (Lv. 3) Insect 1
Cave Viper 11,455 6,893 5,482 Medium Poison (Lv. 2) Beast 25
Elite Punk 10,240 6,183 4,778 Small Wind (Lv. 2) Plant 28
Elite Tirfing 84,600 102,000 77,550 Medium Dark (Lv. 3) Formless 1
Skeleton General 17,402 8,170 3,370 Medium Undead (Lv. 1) Undead 20
Zombie Master 14,211 7,610 2,826 Medium Undead (Lv. 1) Undead 15
Wraith Dead 43,021 10,341 3,618 Large Undead (Lv. 4) Undead 15
Punk 3,620 1,699 1,325 Small Wind (Lv. 1) Plant 23
Pest 3,240 1,538 1,108 Small Dark (Lv. 2) Brute 23
Mimic 6,000 3,000 1,500 Medium Neutral (Lv. 3) Formless 7
Hunter Fly 3,688 1,517 1,222 Small Wind (Lv. 2) Insect 45
Arclouze 6,075 2,956 2,411 Medium Earth (Lv. 2) Insect 25
Demon Pungus 7,259 3,148 1,817 Small Poison (Lv. 3) Demon 10


Name HP Base Exp Job Exp Size Element Race Quantity
Logi (MVP) 585,000 460,200 368,160 Large Dark (Lv. 1) Demon 1
Twinorc 27,800 14,625 7,709 Medium Dark (Lv. 2) Demi-Human 20
Indignant Soul 15,400 15,860 9,282 Small Ghost (Lv. 3) Formless 10
Roper 29,500 15,002 10,959 Medium Earth (Lv. 2) Plant 15
Ghost Shroom 27,460 12,402 9,919 Medium Ghost (Lv. 1) Plant 15
Miasmus 32,545 21,427 15,002 Large Poison (Lv. 3) Formless 11
Frigid Lich 29,758 16,640 9,984 Medium Water (Lv. 2) Undead 12