Majoruros Warp Quest

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Entrance Quest

To gain access, you will need to find Dimitri Vladsky in Glast Heim ( /navi glast_01 67,276 ). He will ask if you would like to perform a ritual to travel deep underground to a place full of cow-like creatures.

Majoruros Quest1.pngMajorurus quest2.png

If you agree, he will tell you to bring him certain items from mobs in Payon Undertombs F2 and F3:

Give him the items to perform a ritual and finish the quest. After that, every time you'll speak to Dimitri, he will open a portal to The Lowest Cave in Glast Heim F2 (gl_dun02) with Majoruros. Note that other players in your party will be able to enter the portal (even without finishing the quest).