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Custom Cards Card icon.png

Name ID Description Equip Location Dropped by
Card icon.png Abomring Card 8214 When killing most non-boss and non-miniboss Poring monster,

those monster have a small chance to drop the Box of Bounce item,

which will summon a poring-type monster to fight for you for a short while.

Accessory Abomring 0.02%
Card icon.png Ancient Guard Card 8234 You can exchange this card for 1 of 3 custom costume headgears. None Ancient Guard 0.02%
Card icon.png Assassin Fly Card 8000 HIT +5

Each physical attack or skill leeches 2% of the damage inflicted on target as HP.

Weapon Assassin Fly 0.02%
Card icon.png Bonechewer Card 8238 Has a 5% chance to enter Brutality status with each normal attack

(melee and ranged)

Brutality status: [CRIT +5, Critical Damage +50%]

Weapon Bonechewer 0.02%
Card icon.png Cave Viper Card 8001 VIT +1

Reduces damage taken from Poison elemental attack by 20%.

Reduces chance of becoming Poisoned by 20%.

Garment Cave Viper 0.02%
Card icon.png Conductring Card 8217 Reduces cast time of Lightning Bolt skill by 15%.

Increases that Lightning Bolts damage by 15%.

Accessory Conductring 0.02%
Card icon.png CORE Card 90004 Reduce damage taken from Formless monsters by 20%.

Reduce damage taken from Fire property monsters by 20%. Both effects will stack if the attacker if Formless and Fire property.

Shield CORE 0.02%
Card icon.png Corruptor Card 8218 While performing normal attacks (non-skill attacks), you have a 1% chance

to cast Corrupting Drain.

This skill does damage based on your STR, INT, DEX, LUK stats

and is not affected by elemental, size, or racial modifiers.

You will be healed by 75% of the damage done by this activated ability.

Footgear Corruptor 0.02%
Card icon.png Dory Card 8241 Increases damage of Freezing Trap by 30% and Claymore Trap by 15%.

Multiple instances of this card will stack.

Weapon Dory 0.02%
Card icon.png Doughring Card 8212 Has a chance to drop a random Food Item or Food Specific to Payon Stories.

Flee +7.

Garment Doughring 0.02%
Card icon.png DRILL Card 90005 Increases the damage of Pierce skill by 25% and the SP cost of Pierce by 4.

If compounded to Lv. 3 or Lv. 4 weapon, increases the damage of Pierce by an additional 15%. Multiple intances of this card will stack.

Weapon DRILL 0.02%
Card icon.png Flame Beetle Card 8237 Has a 20% chance to reduce the zeny cost of Mammonite skill to zero

when the skill is used.

Accessory Flame Beetle 0.02%
Card icon.png Frigid Lich Card 8094 AGI +1.

Grants a 3% chance to cast Level 3 Frost Nova automatically when being attacked.

Footgear Frigid Lich 0.02%
Card icon.png FUEL Card 90007 Flee +5.

Inflict 30% more damage with Bomb and Acid Terror.

Footgear FUEL 0.02%
Card icon.png Ghost Shroom Card 8092 FLEE +10.

Reduces damage taken from Ghost property monsters by 20%.

Shield Ghost Shroom 0.02%
Card icon.png Gyokuto Card 8246 Reduces casting time of Magnus Exorcismus by 20%. Headgear Gyokuto 0.02%
Card icon.png Ignis Card 90013 Grants the use of Level 4 Fire Walk.

You cannot cast Fire Walk while another instance of this skill is still active. Fire Walk has a 12 seconds cooldown and cannot be copied by Plagiarism.

Headgear Ignis 0.02%
Card icon.png Indigrant Soul Card 8090 VIT +1.

Increases damage of Soul Strike and Napalm Beat by 20%.

Decreases after-cast delay of Soul Strike and Napalm Beat by 10%.

Headgear Indigrant Soul 0.02%
Card icon.png Jabberwock Card 8242 Reduces HP and SP recovery to zero (natural recovery disabled).

All melee and ranged attacks heal you for 20 HP and 3 SP.

Upon unequipping the gear with this card attached, you will lose 500 HP and 100 SP.

Armor Jabberwock 0.02%
Card icon.png Jelring Card 8213 Increasing damage against most non-boss and non-miniboss Poring monster by 30%. Weapon Jelring 0.02%
Card icon.png Kalec Card 8235 INT +2

MaxHP and MaxSP +10% if this card is slotted to a Footgear that is refined to +9 or above.

Footgear Kalec 0.02%
Card icon.png King Poring Card 8219 Grants the Blacksmith skill Greed. Accessory King Poring 0.02%
Card icon.png Kodama Card 8345 When your HP is brought below 35%, you will heal for 30% of your health.

Does not work if the damage bringing you below 35% HP kills you.

This effect can only be activated once every 45 seconds. You must wait 45 second after equipping this card to benefit from its effect.

Garment Kodama 0.02%
Card icon.png Lady Huo Card 8248 You have a 10% chance after dealing magic damage to enter Clearcasting status.

This status decreases the cast time of your next spell by 50% and makes it uninterruptible (cast cancel can still work against it). INT +1.


Headgear Lady Huo 0.02%
Card icon.png Living Magma Card 90006 INT +1.

Increase magic damage dealt to Fire property monsters by 10%. Increase damage taken from Fire property monsters by 25%.

Footgear Living Magma 0.02%
Card icon.png Logi Card 8095 HP and SP +5%.

Enchants your armor with Shadow (Dark) element.

You automatically have a 2% chance to inflict all enemies within an 11x11 grid around you with Curse status when being attacked. Success rate is reduced by enemy resistances to Curse Status.

Armor Logi 0.02%
Card icon.png MAID Card 90011 Reduce Cast time by 20%.

Reduce maximum HP and SP by 25%.

Garment MAID 0.02%
Card icon.png Magmawhip Card 90000 Drain 100 SP as the armor is unequipped.

[Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Acolyte Classes] Gain 5 SP each time a monster is killed.

Armor Magmawhip 0.02%
Card icon.png Magma Familiar Card 90010 DEX +1.

Increases movement speed while using performance skills (Bard/Dancer). Does not stack with Soul Linker's Bard/Dancer Link skill.

Headgear Magma Familiar 0.02%
Card icon.png Miasmus Card 8093 You become immune to the Poison status effect.

Grants the ability to cast Level 1 Enchant Poison on your weapons.

Accessory Miasmus 0.02%
Card icon.png Moon Rabbit Card 8244 Increases healing power of Sanctuary by 50%.

On WOE castle maps, the increased healing is reduced to 20%.

Headgear Moon Rabbit 0.02%
Card icon.png Onigiring Card 8247 Poring type monsters have a 3% chance to drop Delicious Onigiri,

that heal some HP and SP.

Accessory Onigiring 0.02%
Card icon.png Protoring Card 8211 VIT +3 Accesory Protoring 0.02%
Card icon.png Puck Card 8240 Reduces damage taken from Beast monsters by 25%. Reduces damage taken from Holy monsters by 15%. Shield Puck 0.02%
Card icon.png Rekenber Guard Card 90008 Allows the use of Level 1 Backstab. Accesory Rekenber Guard 0.02%
Card icon.png Rekenber General Card 90012 Reduce Neutral damage taken by 20%. Provides an additional 1% Neutral damage and -1 MDEF reduction per refine. Garment Rekenber General 0.02%
Card icon.png Rekenber Mercenary Card 90009 Add a 5% chance of casting Lv. 1 Bash while performing a physical melee auto attack.

[Knight] If the user has mastered the skill at Lv. 10, you will instead cast Level 10 Bash.

Headgear Rekenber Mercenary 0.02%
Card icon.png Rekenber Soldier Card 90002 +15 Attack If coumpounded on Mercenary's Bodysuit, Range +2 on all auto attacks as long as w Bow or Spear is not equipped. Does not add range to skills. Armor Rekenber Soldier 0.02%
Card icon.png Roper Card 8091 +25 SP

Increase magic damage done to Plant monsters by 10%. Increases all damage taken from Plant monsters by 10%.

Footgear Roper 0.02%
Card icon.png SCOUT Card 90001 STR +1.

Gain 3 Spirit Spheres each time a monster is killed using Throw Spirit Sphere.

Headgear SCOUT 0.02%
Card icon.png Shade of Payon Card 8239 Reduces cast time of the Soul Strike skill by 15%.

Also increase damage done by Soul Strike skill by 15%. If you have transcended, skill damage bonus increases to 25%.

Accessory Shade of Payon 0.02%
Card icon.png Tomb Crawler Card 8233 Enables use of Triage skill, which heals 50 HP for the cost of 4 SP.

If you are transcended, Triage instead heals you 80 HP for the cost of 4 SP.

Accessory Tomb Crawler 0.02%
Card icon.png Twinorc Card 8039 +10 ATK

(Refine rate +0 to +5) Increases physical damage inflicted on Poison element monsters by 15%.

Pierces 4% of the Poison monster's DEF. (Refine rate +6 or higher) Increases physical damage inflicted on Poison element monsters by 20%. Pierces 8% of the Poison monster's DEF.

Weapon Twinorc 0.02%
Card icon.png WELDER Card 90003 Base AGI <=80: Flee +20

Base INT <=80: MATK +10% Base DEX <=80: Cast Time -10%

Garment WELDER 0.02
Card icon.png Wolpertinger Card 8243 Increases damage of Blast Mine and Land Mine skills by 15%.

Multiple instances of this card will stack.

Weapon Wolpertinger 0.02%
Card icon.png Yser Card 8236 Increase damage of Raid and Backstab skills by 30%.

Increases HIT by 5.

Footgear Yser 0.02%

Classic Card Rebalance Card icon.png

Several cards have been rebalanced and now behave differently on Payon Stories than their official server counterparts. This initiative was to revitalize cards that were previously underwhelming and make them more viable for use, while keeping their original effects intact.

Read more about Card Rebalance.

Custom Equipment Axe icon.png

Name Item ID Description Equipment Type Dropped by
Aggayu Mask 81003 Aggayu Mask.png Lower Headgear Ignis 4.00%

Living Magma 0.03%

Astra of the Empress 8271 Astra of the Empress.png Weapon - Katar Onigiring 0.06%
Bloodstained Headband 8273 Bloodstained Headband.png Upper Headgear Bonechewer 0.03%

Shade of Payon 0.03%

Brass Wristwatch [1] 81002 Brass Wristwatch.png Accessory Rekenber Soldier 0.03%

Rekenber Guard 0.03%

Rekenber General 10%

Brimstone Spellbook 81004 Brimstone Spellbook.png Weapon Living Magma 0.03%
Carapice of the Damned [1] 8135 Carapice of the Damned.png Shield Logi 8%
Diadem of the High Priestess [1] 8305 Diadem.png Upper Headgear Lady Huo 1%
Diving Goggles 8281 Diving Goggles.png Mid Headgear Dory 0.02%
Divinity Bow [1] 8282 Divinity Bow.png Weapon - Bow Kodama 0.06%
Eagle Wing [1] 2515 Eagle Wing.png Garment Gargoyle (0.05%)
Fancy Shoes [1] 81007 Fancy Shoes Updated.png Footgear MAID 3%
Frozen Pick 8293 Frozen Pick.png Weapon Lord of the Dead (10%)

Turtle General (5%) Frigid Lich (0.30%) Deviace (0.08%) Bloody Murderer (0.06%)

Ghost Shroom Hat 8140 Ghost Shroom Hat.png Upper Headgear Ghost Shroom 0.05%
Ghostly Muffer [1] 8125 Ghostly Muffler.png Garment Indigant Soul 0.05%

Roper 0.05%

Guardian's Robe [1] 8134 Guardian's Robe.png Armor Logi 4%
Guardian's Skull 8122 Guardian's Skull.png Upper Headgear Logi 5%
Heavy Gunner Armor [1] 81009 Heavy Gunner Armor Updated.png Armor WELDER 0.04%
Magic Sprite Hat 8274 Magic Sprite Hat.png Upper Headgear Gyokuto 0.02%
Magma Whip [1] 81000 Magma Whip Updated.png Weapon - Whip Magmawhip 0.03%
Magma Guitar [1] 81001 Magma Guitar.png Weapon - Guitar Ignis 5.50%
Mercenary Bodysuit [1] 81008 Mercenary Bodysuit.png Armor Rekenber Guard 0.03%
Momoe's Hairband 8065 Momoe's Hairband.png Upper Headgear Obtainable by completing

The Lost Legacy Quest

Necrofantasy Muffler 8291 Necrofantasy Muffler.png Garment Jabberwock 1.51%
Necrofanstasy Shoes 8292 Necrofantasy Shoes.png Footgear Puck 0.05%
Pink Clip [1] 8130 Pink Clip.png Accessory Miasmus 0.03%
Poring Dagger 8165 Poring Dagger.png Weapon - Dagger King Poring 25%
Protector's Spear 8301 Protector's Spear.png Weapon -

One-Handed Spear

Ancient Guard 0.03%

Guard Qing 0.03%

Ring of Peace [1] 8269 Ring of Peace.png Accessory Obtainable by completing

Payon Undertombs Main Questline

Ring of the Claw 8279 Ring of the Claw.png Accessory Jabberwock 0.26%
Ruby Pumps 81006 Ruby Pumps.png Footgear CORE 0.03%
Sacred Saint's Robe [1] 8298 Sacred Saint's Robe.png Armor Lady Huo 5.5%
Scouting Scarf 8275 Scouting Scarf.png Lower Headgear Wolpertinger 0.02%
Staff of the Priestess 8300 Staff of the Priestess.png Weapon -

One-Handed Staff

Lady Huo 1.5%
Staff of the Scholar 81005 Staff of the Scholar.png Weapon -

One-Handed Staff

Magma Familiar 0.02%
Talisman of Holy Protection 8324 Talisman of Holy Protection.png Accessory Obtainable from Quatermaster

Shop by completing Payon Undertombs

Reputation Quests.

This equipment is NON-TRADEABLE.

Wing Staff 1616 Wing Staff.png Weapon

One-Handed Staff

Wind Ghost (0.05%)
Various Jur [4] 1264 Although this katar has an increased number of slots, this weapon is hard to handle and is known to cause injury to those who wield it.

[Katar Mastery Lv.10] Increase critical damage by 50% PS Change: No longer have bleeding effect.

Weapon Phendark (0.05%)

Osiris (1%)

Custom Usable, Quest and Misc Items Jellopy.png

Usable Items

Name Item ID Description Dropped by
A Whole Ham 8255 An entire ham. We're talking the whole thing! Yser loves to eat whole hams. Onigiring 0.21%
Box of Bounce 8215 Summons a Poring type monster to fight for you for two minutes. The poring summoned depends on your base level as follows:

Level 1-19: Poring

Level 20-39: Poporing

Level 40-59: Jelring

Level 60-79: Abomring

Level 80+: Conductring

The Box of Bounce has a 2 minute cooldown after use.

Obtainable from using Abomring Card.
Blessing of the Ancients 8325 Casts Blessing lv 10 and Angelus lv 10 on the user. Can only be cast in lowest level of Payon Undertombs (works in both Spirit and Mortal realms). If used in an area outside Payon Undertombs the item will be consumed and have no effect. Obtainable from Quatermaster Shop by completing Payon Undertombs Reputation Quests.
Mental Potion 14600 A potion that increases Maximum SP by 10% and decreases SP consumption by 10% for 30 minutes. Assassin Fly 35%
Nectarine 8258 A juicy nectarine. Gyokuto cannot get enough of its taste. (Pet Food) Gyokuto 3.51%

Kodama 2.01% Wolpertinger 2.01%

Peco Drumstick 8256 Often too dry for human consumption, Pucks love Peco Drumsticks! (Taming Item) Puck 0.21%
Prismatic Opal 8261 A beautiful prismatic jewel with chromatic paterns throughout. Onigiring really likes this for some reason! (Taming Item) Moon Rabbit 0.21%
Rotten Meat 8251 Some dragon cute pets would sure eat this up happily. Humans on the other hand might die trying... (Pet Food) Obtainable from Quatermaster Shop by completing Payon Undertombs Reputation Quests.
Star Fruit Crystal 8259 Despite being named Star Fruit, this is actually a crystal, not a fruit. Gyokuto will love you dearly if you give it one! (Taming Item) Lady Huo 10%

Gyokuto 0.16%

Unagi 8252 A huge squirming eel that surely would be devoured by a hungry Kalec. (Taming Item) Dory 0.21%

Quest Items

Name Item ID Description Required for Quest Dropped by
Ancient Urn 8270 An ancient urn that may be able to be turned in to the Payon Vanguard to gain their trust. Payon Undertombs Reputation Ancient Guard 0.07%

Bonechewer 0.07% Dory 0.07% Flame Beetle 0.07% Guard Qing 0.07% Gyokuto 0.07% Kalec 0.07% Kodama 0.07% Moon Rabbit 0.07% Puck 0.07% Shade of Payon 0.07% Wolpertinger 0.07% Yser 0.07%

Astral Prayer Beads 8265 The prayer beads of an ancient holy sect of Payon. Majoruros Warp Quest Lady Huo 90%

Wolpertinger 6.01%

Black Ghost Powder 8123 While odorless, breathing in this powder is said to give people hallucinations of ghosts. Costume Headgear Quests Indignant Soul 55%
Ethereal Folliage 8283 Ghostly shrubs that radiate some kind of ethereal power. Payon Undertombs Daily Quests Kodama 71.01%
Ghoulish Rib 8287 The rib of a ghoul. Might be used as a crude fighting weapon in dire circumstances. Majoruros Warp Quest Bonechewer 21.01%
Grand Codex 8137 And so I charge thee, son of Muspel, eternal watch over the Gate of Wormwood by decree of Surtr to forever divide our lands from those of mortal beings.

Beware the scions of Ragnarok and remain vigilent.

Costume Headgear Quests Logi 50%
Magic Mushrooms 8290 ...don't eat this. Majoruros Warp Quest Gyokuto 15.01%
Mental Potion 14600 A potion that increases Maximum SP by 10% and decreases SP consumption by 10% for 30 minutes. Muspelheim Side QuestCostume Headgear Quests Assassin Fly 35%
Titanium 8136 An incredibly strong metal used in crafting high durability weapons and armor.

May be used as a component in Muspelheim Forging.

Costume Headgear Quests Logi 15%
Venomous Sludge 8128 A slimy substance coming from the venom glands of a Miasmus. Ingesting this substance will lead to death! Costume Headgear Quests Miasmus 90%/20%

Onigiring 8.01%

Yew Wand 8304 A wand with magical healing powers used by forest sprites. Payon Undertombs Daily Quests Gyokuto 81.01%

Misc Items

Name Item ID Dropped by
Black Herb 8126 A poisonous herb that will damage you and possibly poison you if eaten. Roper 17%
Caustic Core 8131 A poisonous core that retains the poison properties of its host monster. Miasmus 6%
Corrupted Bone 8120 A shard of bone that seems to have been corrupted by darkness. Corruptor 65%

Twinorc 22%

Demon Ether 8277 The very essence of a demon.

This intoxicating substance may cause those who breathe its fumes to become enraged with vengeance.

Shade of Payon 85.01%
Malachite 8127 A lustrous green stone that gets its color from oxidized copper.

May be used as a component in Muspelheim Forging.

Roper 2%