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Players must agree to follow all Payon Stories rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in action taken against you or your account.

General Rules [EN]

  • Game Accounts: Each person may create three game accounts (these are accounts with unique login names to Payon Stories’s game client). If you make more than three accounts, those extra accounts may be subject to suspension or forced consolidation.
  • Dual Clienting: Multi-clienting, which is a single person having two or more instances of the game open at one time is prohibited. This includes using virtual machines or proxies to circumvent this rule. One person should only ever be playing on one account at one given time. Owning up to three accounts is permitted. However, if you own more than one account and we observe that more than one of your accounts is online at the same time, we might assume that you are multi-clienting.
    • This is an MMORPG and not a single player game. Cheating by multi-clienting harms the game community by making it more difficult for players to form natural parties and economy by making hunting spots much easier to 'solo' than they should be. We are very supportive of partying and many players have embraced the systems we’ve put in place to make partying easier and more rewarding. Our general rule is that if it LOOKS like multi-clienting, WORKS like multi-clienting and ACTS like multi-clienting, then that person should be punished for multi-clienting. There will be no more exceptions to this rule. While there are instances where family members or loved ones are playing alongside you, those players should be playing independently and have their own accounts. We encourage people who live together to be able to play with each other, but if you and your friend or loved-one are playing in such a fashion that we cannot tell if it’s one person or two people playing the game, then we are from here on going to assume that it is a case of multi-clienting. Playing with friends and family should be a mutual experience. Both characters should actively be engaging with the game and both players should have their own accounts independent of one another. Actively engaging is just that, it means playing the game actively, not just logging in to buff or endow someone as such activity is virtually indistinguishable from dual clienting. Offending players caught multi-clienting may receive the following punishments:
      • First offense = 7-Day Suspension
      • Second offense = Permanent Ban
  • Third-Party Cheats / Mods: Botting, hacking or any use of any third-party programs that automate or provide unfair advantages to gameplay are strictly prohibited. Third party programs include the use of macros, auto-hotkeys and auto-clickers. Any suspected third-party program use by players may result in a permanent ban. You may only use the game client provided by Payon Stories on our download page or through our patch client. You are not allowed to modify files within the client provided to you by Payon Stories that affect the visual representation of the game and its resources or gameplay itself. If and when exceptions are made, they will be made here. EXCEPTION: Any music files may be changed at the user’s discretion and risk. EXCEPTION: UI skins are allowed as this is an officially approved modification (share your skins with the community!) EXCEPTION: Homunculus AIs are allowed to the extent that they do not automatically feed your Homunculus or cause the player character to take any actions that do not require direct user input.
  • Exploits: Exploiting or using bugs or attempts at exploitative behavior will result in a permanent ban. Please report any bugs or potential exploits to the Payon Stories staff immediately.
  • Imitation of Staff: Game Masters and Community Managers are identifiable by their in-game sprites and/or names prefixed by the [GM] or [CM] tag. Attempts to imitate or name characters in a way similar to Payon Stories staff may require action against that character or account, including but not limited to a forced name change, or temporary/permanent suspension depending on severity.
  • Real Money Transactions: Real money transactions for items, in-game currency, accounts, leeching services, or other services are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with through permanent suspension of account privileges. Advertisers of such services will receive a permanent IP ban.
  • Account Sharing: Account Sharing is strictly forbidden. It is also strictly forbidden to transfer ownership of account from one person to another. one person, one account, at one given time is the best way to ensure you are playing fairly and allowing others to enjoy fairness on Payon Stories.To play and have access to Payon Stories, YOU, the individual, must agree to the rules and conditions as well as the terms of services. As such, each person who plays on the server must own at least one account that they can call their own.

Server and Discord rules can be found on PayonStories website (link below)